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Yahoo! Groups is a free service offered on the Yahoo! website. The following features are available to the members of the A-AA group:
  • Mailing List
    A mailing list is used to send e-mails to all members. Each member of the group can send an e-mail to the mailing list address. The e-mail will be forwarded to each member's individual address. All mails are being archived by Yahoo and can be read online as well.
  • Chat
    Members that are online at the same time can send each other messages on the chat board.
  • Files
    Members can share files on the group's web site. A file that is uploaded to the group can be accessed by all other members. This could be used for the distribution of certain documents and forms.
  • Photos
    Pictures of various events can be published online and will only be accessible by members of the group.
  • Links
    Members can share links to other websites. If they are relevant to most other members, links will be posted on the A-AA Web site as well.
  • Database
    A recipe table is only one example of how this feature can be used.
  • Polls
    Polls use the mailing list and are a simple, but effective way of soliciting a response or an opinion from the members of the group.
  • Calendar
    Events and activities will be posted on the group's calender.
To become a member, please enter your e-mail address in the box on the left. Yahoo will send an email to this address with further instructions.
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