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Impressions from the 65 Year Anniversary Celebration on June 6, 2009

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MIT Endicott House
James Dooling and Renate Yasigian
Vienna Waltz Ensemble
Christian and Pamela Donner, Bruni Fletcher, Ortrud Koob
Hana, Nicole
Lita Siagel, Jack Achmakjian, James Dooling, Traude Acker
Karen Raccuia and Charles Glueck
Josef Porteleki and Emilan Badea Musical Entertainment
Dr. Johann and Janet Nittmann, Kaja Autler, Traude Acker
Nicole Herrmann, Prof. John Wells
Gwendoline Thornblade and Dr. Iolanda Low
Dr. Robert and Hana Sittler, Ortrud Koob
Dr. George Hauser, Vice Consul Dr. Grohs, wife Dawn
Bruni Fletcher, Martha Stasa, Veronika and Anna Demers
Christian and Pamela Donner, Dr. Georg Hauser, Helga Reinisch
David and Traude Acker
Dr. Johannes Schwarzenberg, Consul General Dr. Blaha, Traude Acker
Hana Sittler, Bruni Fletcher, Martha Stasa singing Austrian tunes
Terrace with attendees
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