Impressions from the 60 Year Anniversary Celebration on May 14, 2004

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The MIT Endicott House showing the Austrian flag on May 14.
Dr. Eva Nowotny, Austrian Ambassador to the United States
A-AA President Traude Acker and husband David
Austrian Consul General, Ambassador Dr. Michael Breisky
A-AA President Traude Acker, Mr. Jack Achmakjian and Costa Rica's Consul General Girardo and Norma Pazos
Heut kommen d'Engerln auf Urlaub nach Wien
Ambassador Dr. Eva Nowotny and Dr. George Hauser
Dr. Jan Herrmann and wife Nicole with Prof. Thomas Hansen
Honorary Vice Consul Dr. Heinz Grohs
A-AA Vice President Martha Stasa
Ilse Oliveira and Edi Wyslouzil (Ottawa Schrammel Quartett)
Millicent Marshall and Jim Dooling
Prof. Brigitte and Prof. Hermann Servatius
Helmut Colbath
Ruth and Dr. Harry Bauer
Louise Hauser, Phyllis Moss and Dr. Iolanda Low
Alois Platzer (Ottawa Schrammel Quartett) and Karl Knoblauch
John and Katrina Ohl and Ian Scully
Dr. Robert Sittler and A-AA Treasurer Hana Sittler
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