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Title: Ilona und Kurti
Inventory #: 13
Genre: Comedy
Country: A
Year: 1991
Director: Reinhard Schwabenitzky
Actors: Elfi Eschke, Hanno Pöschl, Louise Martini
Music: Ennio Morricone
Language: German
Duration: 90 min
Summary: Comedy. A mother and her conniving son are well on their way to achieving their goal of lifetime comfort and ease. They have fraudulently gotten the will of their wealthy landlord altered in their favor, and now that she is dead, they have begun to live a little. Imagine their distress when a long-lost daughter of the wealthy woman shows up on their doorstep. Since she is a poorly dressed woman who speaks no German, having grown up in the Balkans, they soon come to believe that they can probably con her into marrying the son. This will have the dual benefit of keeping them out of jail and will save them the inconvenience of having to kill her. Little do they suspect that despite her unstylish appearance and undeveloped language skills, she's far from stupid, and before long the frumpy girl from the country has taken these two con-artists well in hand.

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